Nano Anti-Fog Lens Cloth.....ONE THAT WORKS

Nano Anti-Fog Lens Cloth.....ONE THAT WORKS

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Nano Anti-Fog lens cloth with leading technology, contains special molecules to prevent the surface misting over. With one simple wipe, the anti-fogging effect will last for hours and can be reused up to 200 times. 

This cloth can be used for all types of lenses, including glasses, goggles, helmets, camera lenses, car rear view mirror, makeup mirrors etc.

This large size dry cloth is made of a superfine fiber, super soft, lint free and trace free and non-irritating.

Easy to use- After cleaning and drying the lens, gently wipe both sides of the lens with the Anti-fog cloth, after use store in the individual wrapped packet. 

This is the best on the market!!

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